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Artist Statement

Seth Coad-Douglass

When I was five, my mother, who is also a photographer, gave me my first point and

shoot camera. Although I took a lot of pictures, I didn’t begin to intentionally

consider my subjects until a trip to Kauai when I was 14. We visited Na Aina Nai

(Lands by the Sea), a magnificent botanical and natural sculpture garden, and, there,

I began to choose the images I wanted to capture. I became fascinated with the spirit

of place, and the photographs in this exhibit reflect that fascination. I use High

Dynamic Range (HDR) and color manipulation software to enhance the details that

the camera (and human eye) can’t always capture. Using my images and these tools,

I can produce a picture, which, while retaining the scene, presents an opportunity to

see beyond the confines of the camera.


As classical vocalist, I discover my voice in the structure and discipline, the beauty,

of the music created by others.  As a photographer, I have the freedom to create my

own “ voice.” I want to draw you into my images, to establish a dynamic that pulls

you into the photograph so that you can experience your own connection.  It is my

hope that the image will linger in your mind long after you have left the exhibit.


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